When we at NiTi Digital launched NiTi Central last year on Independence Day, we were confident of being able to initiate the process of building an alternative Right-of-centre narrative, distinctly different from that which is peddled by our Left-liberal mainstream media. Less than a year later, buoyed by the tremendous response to our initiative, we decided to foray further into the digital world. Today’s launch of NiTi Web Radio NWR Live! is a step in that direction.

NWR Live! will neither imitate nor compete with existing media platforms, especially the National Capital Region-based news television channels. It will be distinctly different. We plan to deconstruct the news of the day to our listeners, separating the spin and the twists, while presenting views from a Right-of-centre perspective.

Contrary to the fiction that we often hear, those to the Right of the Centre, both politically and economically, believe in a happy world, a joyous world of equal opportunity and unrestricted liberty. That’s vastly different from the joyless, sorrowful world of the Left and the libertinism of liberals. The music on NWR Live! makes this point melodiously.

As with NiTi Central, we will continue to remain both 'Bold and Right' on NWR Live!

The other distinguishing feature of NWR Live! is that it will actively seek and promote listeners’ participation in its various shows, especially those on politics and current affairs. At NiTi, unlike in the mainstream media, we do not believe in talking down or talking to, we believe in talking with people.

Do send us your feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas via contact@nwrlive.com – this is as much our as your initiative in moulding enlightened opinion.

Kanchan Gupta
Editorial Director
NiTi Digital.

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